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So, just who are “Picture the South”?  That’s actually a pretty long story, but…


We are lifelong friends who have been a husband/wife team for the past decade.  We enjoy all the experiences that life has to offer us, and then sharing those experiences through our words and photography.  Between the two of us we’ve seen a lot of the world, but our hearts have always drawn us back to the US South.  For the past few years we have been based in Southeastern NC, on a small bit of property we call “Frog Pond Farm”.  We love the semi-rural area we call home, as we both love to be surrounded by nature and wildlife.

Since we still have full-time day jobs, a lot of our posts will revolve around our local adventures.  But whenever our time and budget allows, we do love to travel!  Outside the South, our favorite place to visit is the Caribbean (which is sorta “South”, ain’t it?)



Glhow is definitely the “better half” and the “heart and soul” of Picture the South!  Regardless of who actually takes the shot, you will see her “eye” in almost every photograph we post.  In addition to her work here, she also keeps critical systems running at the local hospital,  is a member of the local rowing club, as well as an “Ambassador” for the LoseIt! health and and fitness website.


Rambler is the “world traveler” of our partnership.  He has lived in 10 states, set foot in 48 states and 14 countries so far, including a few years in Europe.  Now except for vacation and business travel, he has settled down at Frog Pond Farm for the duration.  Much to Glhow’s chagrin, Rambler also fancies himself an accomplished amateur herpetologist.  If there are snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles or other herps in the area – you can count on Rambler to get up close and personal for pictures!

As always, clicking any photo get’s you a higher resolution version – see copyright and sharing notice below.

Whether our travels be for business, pleasure or some combination – we love to share our experiences as we move about our world. Sometimes it’s the interesting people we meet along the way, such as the Hashbrown Belly Boys busking their way to a concert appearance in Wilmington NC –



Or our friends at Hanger 18 Props setting up for NCComicon in Durham NC


Maybe it’s the wildlife we encounter

DSCN4848 IMG_2407_crop IMG_6832


Perhaps incredible scenery – like Summersville Lake WV in the autumn…..


Or maybe an incredible Key West sunset?


Even just the wonderful night sky above us!

In the Pines too

We also like to help out our local wildlife – personally, and with our local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation groups –

Especially the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center


And our friends at the Cape Fear Raptor Center!


Or maybe we’ll just share some enjoyable experiences.  If we’ve had fun, you may well see a story and photos here!


Thanks for dropping by!  Check in often, as you never know what we’ve been up to!


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